Cautious Giant another successful claim by Víctor Barboza Jr

A new success in the Víctor Barboza Jr resume and was to achieve the Claiming Crown Rapid Transit with the Cautious Giant on the opening day of the Championship Meet in Gulfstream Park with the Emisael Jaramillo riding.

This copy was claimed for the stable champion of the Summer Meet on September 24 of this year in an Optional Claiming of 16 thousand dollars, immediately on November 5 was enrolled in a Starter Allowance and won an easy victory, leaving the stage served for running at the beginning of December the Claming Crown.

Indeed it was that way and again demonstrating high effectiveness, Víctor Barboza Jr led Cautious Giant to victory in one of the most important races of the day. Now the copy is 2-2 in the cash stable and the trainer continues to set the tone when it comes to claiming copies, as it closed the year with a record of 44% effectiveness in victories after claiming a copy and achieved a streak of 8 copies winning after claiming it, something undoubtedly important and satisfactory for its owners.