Victor Barboza, Jr

Víctor Barboza Jr. is a trainer of racehorse with 19 years of experience; a winner of two statistics in Venezuela at the Santa Rita track and one in the United States at Gulfstream Park a first-tier racetrack in America.

Victor’s philosophy is to present a horse in public races aiming for the victory. In the United States during a campaign of two and half years he has an effectiveness above 20% in wins and higher than 54% for horses finishing on the board, which makes of Victor one of the best talent that has come Venezuela to the turf in America.

His first direct relationship with horseracing was a gift from his father (who is a former horse trainer), when he was just a child, an elementary student. That gift was a chestnut thoroughbred horse named Kan that could only win a race in the “Hipódromo de La Limpia” (a former racetrack in the state of Zulia in his native Venezuela).

After Victor finished high school at Our Lady of Fatima School in Maracaibo he enrolled in the School of Agronomy at the University of Zulia aiming to later switch to the School of Sciences of Veterinary Medicine at the same University. In the meantime, while he was in that process there was a teacher strike at the University, which led him to make the decision to move to the University “Rafael Urdaneta where he enrolled at the School of Animal Sciences. But always the reality was and still is that his passion in life for training thoroughbred horses began when he was a child, a passion that became much bigger and surpassed the desire to get a university degree and during the course of his 6th semester at the School of Animal Sciences he was offered the opportunity to start training thoroughbred (he was 20 years old) and so he did not hesitate to drop out from the University and follow his true passion for training horses.

This opportunity to start as a trainer occurred in 1998 at the Hipódromo de Santa Rita, when his father left the stables to go to other businesses and Victor decided to take the reins but since he did not have a trainer’s license the trainer of record was his father but the running on the barn and the mornings hard-work was in Victor’s shoulders. There were 16 horses at the barn at that time and within a few days 10 colts owned by Stud “Sur del Lago” were moved to another barn and so Victor’s stable consisted of only 6 horses. With his lifetime knowledge of the turf he began to work with these few horses and the wins began to pile-up and with them new horses joined his barn.

Victor’s first victory as a professional trainer was in May 1999 with the mare Hy West for the silks of Stud My Beauty (Mr. Jose Zajia) and his first win in stake races was in year 2000 at the Hipódromo de Santa Rita with the giant “Con Fragor”, owned by Stud GCV. There have been many good thoroughbreds that have passed by his stable and trained by him, names like “Con Encanto”, “Mr. Cresus”, “Perlatto”, “Victoria”, “Champion Girl”, “Lafontedeoro”, “Andrea Ce”, “Championship” among others, gave him many satisfactions in the most important events of the horseracing calendar in his native Venezuela. In the United States in a short period of times he is multiple graded stakes winner with horses such as Rich Daddy, “Distinta”, “Rich Mommy” and winner with “Cautious Giant” of the Claiming Crown Rapid Transit Stakes.